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 Photographing with Clouds

The following photographs are a tribute to one of nature's best shows, of how our Earth works. When clouds or storms are on the horizon, I run, or drive to get elements together for a fantastic shot. Clouds can form in many different shapes, go in several directions at once, but add an element that will make or break your photograph. Knowing your clouds, and how they form, are essential to getting the right shot. Just like weather forecasters can predict the weather, only the storm, or a frontal system, will know how to produce the forthcoming clouds. From midday, to sunsets, and even night movement of clouds can be fascinating and exciting in your photograph. When the weather and skies are nice, most of my friends are out shooting, but when the skies turn dark or mysterious, they retreat indoors, because their cameras are expensive. I am the opposite, and run towards the event with vigor, and shoot until I am satisfied, I got what I came for, clouds and beautiful light.

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